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Big Brother 19 – Ugh! Paul’s gonna win. Paul, Christmas and Josh disgusting.


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Big Brother 19 – Halting Hex!


Love ūüíē¬†Jessica and Cody – wish they could go to final two. Fuck Paul. (CBS)

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Big Brother 19 Balls to the Wall!


Ok I have been watching BB19 sorta kinda but it got boring once Cody was booted. Now he’s back and he just said he’s going BALLS TO THE WALL! This a favorite saying of ours for a long time. Woooooo! Of course Cody said it to a guy in a yellow tutu while sitting on a round velvet bed in a pink room. But that’s ok!

Fortunately Mark has finally caught on that Paul is leading around a bunch of sheep and he’s pissed!
The war is on. But the Cody/Jessica/Mark/Eleana crew better start recruiting some more members.

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Big Brother 19 -Twist of Foot


Christmas has fallen and she can’t get up. Aw Naw.

Christmas apparently jumps on the Cowboy Clown every morning for a horse ride. The clown slipped on the astro turf and fell on her ankle. Oops, she’s hurt and they take her for x-rays. Funny though how none of the other house guests seem very concerned for her.

Do you trust me?

Christmas Joy Has Returned! Down but not out.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Reigns Hell!


The next four days are going to be good.

The Veto ceremony summary: Cody is the HOH. He originally nominated Allison and Megan with the idea he would backdoor Paul. Then Megan self evicted. So he had to nominate another and he picked Alex. Alex won the POV. OK Cody still wants to backdoor Paul. But Paul accepted the Power of Temptation which keeps him off the block for 3 weeks. Logically he did not tell anyone. So in the POV meeting Cody nominates Paul and Paul pulls out his temptation. Uh-oh. So Cody nominates Christmas. SHE IS PISSED! Woot. Emotions are high. Jessica is upset at Cody. Cody is upset his plan backfired. Paul totally misread Cody. Cody tells Paul I do not like you, you are brash and loud.

The two biggest “floaters”, Jessica and Eleana are complaining that Cody just gave away the game to the other “floaters”. Can anyone be a floater this early in the game? And Cody just continues to play the martyr telling his group he will make himself the target.

Paul is smugly taking power now and Cody is on the hot seat. Mark is loyal to Cody and he thinks Christmas is fake. Matthew and Raven are not happy and might turn against Cody. At least Raven will.

Matt, Raven and Eleana say they will not vote out Christmas.

Here’s the right now vote prediction which can change rapidly as deals are made:

Christmas: Paul, Whistle Nut, Kevin, Matt, Raven, Eleana

Allison: Cody, Jessica, Mark, Dominque, Alex, Josh

Not sure about Ramses.

Cody and Christmas talk. Ultimately Cody just wants to eliminate anyone he thinks can compete against him. Plus Paul didn’t give him a friendship bracelet.

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Big Brother 19 I’m a Cowboy


It’s Saturday @ the BB House!

Kevin. Punk Rock Life favorite.

Day 11.

Kevin starts the day out with a tribute to Bon Jovi! “I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I’m wanted…” (then he was cut off) Kevin is in wonderment over everything Big Brother. He’s happy everything outside¬†is freshly¬†cleaned.

GAME of THRONES Marathon! (more…)

Big Brother 19 Live @ 4:20 PM on a Friday before the MF 4th of July!


FISH? No. Kittens. Ugh.

They are playing for the veto. Paul won the Temptation. He has 3 weeks of immunity. Alex won the veto. Wow.

I love the house décor this year!

Matthew has a major word tattoo on his arm. Pile on Jason. Jessica is a predictable diva. This 9 person alliance is way too large and Paul is working it. This chick Elena is a player!

Cody looks and acts like Wes Hightower¬†in “Urban Cowboy”. Scary.

URBAN COWBOY, Scott Glenn, 1980


Cody – HOH – Jarhead








Most fake player: Jessica
Most annoying best player: Paul
Most honest player: Jason
Most weird player: Whistle
Most buff player with belly flab: Mark
Most buff player without belly flab: Christmas
Most scary mean player: Cody (more…)

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed turns itself on!


Ok I’m going to spoil you.



The houseguests have been in the house for nine days. During this time Kevin took a $25,000 secret temptation, this caused Paul from BB18 to return and Cameron the superfan was the first voted out.

Cody the Deer Hunter won the first HOH and he nominated Jillian and Megan cause he just doesn’t like them. But his real plan is to backdoor Paul.

Megan obviously pissed some people off before we ever got to this point. This explains Josh the momma boy’s weird reaction to her.



I fell asleep right after the live feed started but woke up early to catch a few things. Lots of pairs. Kevin has no idea who is who on Big Brother. According to Alex there were racial slurs being tossed around and she ended up on the block after Megan either got booted or tossed herself out.

Josh is a grump hootenanny. I hope Jillian and Alex are voted out soon. I love Christmas. Paul is cheesy dull and boring. The Whistle Dick rodeo clown is in character.

Cody and Jessica, the beautiful people have already paired up. Cody seems a little less ax murderer. Dominque is _________. Mark and Elena have also paired. Elena is going to eat him alive.

Ramses is irritating. Raven is irritating.

It appears the bulk of the players are turning against Josh. Paul is the ringleader. Josh needs to stop jostling his junk around. Poor Josh. He’s lonely. He’s misunderstood. He wants America to know his story. He is the man of 1000 excuses. I think he’s just being himself and the rest of the people are shallow pieces of humankind. But he is kinda self absorbed.

This is so much better than Trump, CNN and mass terrorism.


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Big Brother 19 starts tonight.


Yes it’s cheesy. But very entertaining. We obsessed on this show every year¬†for over 10 years.¬†OK maybe its¬†been¬†mostly me, but BMF always played along. Last year this BB¬†ritual helped to¬†take me away from the¬†awful drag of losing my¬†true love.¬†Time goes by fast.

So here we go again.

Here’s Julie Chen!

The summer of temptation.

One more thing. Don’t smoke.