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BMF gave me a 000017 today for his birthday. August 5, 2017


I have this wonderful string of August days that include some of my most beloved people’s birthdays. My mother on August 4th, my Shelby on August 7th and most of all my BMF today on August 5th.  He would have been a certain age but now he is ageless. When we were first together he didn’t feel his birthday was such a big day. He would say oh it’s just another day. I said that is ridiculous. Your birthday is the greatest day of your year! And from that first birthday we spent together we would celebrate and make his birthday a big deal every year. Sometimes it was just simple with a bottle of absinthe, crazy loud music and a deck of cards, sometimes a small party with family and cake coring, trips to see the Sex Pistols and Van Halen but in 2010 BMF had the biggest most epic punker birthday ever to happen as far as he was concerned. We thrived on it for a long time. He was in love with it!  We were going to try and top it, but we never did.

Now he’s gone and I’m alone on his special day. I plan to celebrate him quietly with marathon work on MusicFilter. He would have liked it. I started tonight to refresh and restore his box trilogy posts at MusicFilter. Those boxes represent so many things that were going on with BMF at the time in 2009. He built them with his hands and he enjoyed it and was so proud of the result. He was really very happy creating them while listening to his music, smoking cigarettes and sipping bourbon all night. When he finished his punk rock shed he placed the trilogy so he could always see them, open them and enjoy them. Now his remains rest inside one along with his special favorite items and photos and I can see and touch and love them. These are priceless artifacts and a reminder of this man I loved so much.

And then he rewards me with his signs. (more…)

The Box Trilogy


The Box Trilogy

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I love making these cheesy Rock and Roll boxes. I have all three lined up in the shed now. Here are some shots of them together. I forgot that I had not finished the bottom of the first toolbox (far right) but I did finish the bottom of the little box. Also I cant find the little little box that goes inside the first box. Its around here somewhere. I will finish the bottom of the box this weekend.
The Box Trilogy

All boxes are together at last. I have 2 things to do to make them complete. Finish bottom of first box and get new knobs for coffin box.

The Boxes /

Middle Box / The Coffin Box

Right Box / The Rock and Roll Box

Left Box / The Skull Box

The Coffin Box is finished with skulls, anarchy symbols and a white vinyl Sex Pistols decal on top then. The finish began with 2 cans each of dollar store gloss black and yellow spray paint that was blotched on the close up bursts over and over and over with planned drips. Then templates for the Anarchy and Skull symbols were cut and sprayed on randomly using black/yellow and yellow black layers of at least 3 layers per skull and anarchy symbol. Then the inside was painted with foam brushes with candy apple red paint. I poured 1/4 of a quart into the bottom and smeared it around. A few ashes found its way into the tint. Once dry I poured a glob of poly into the bottom and smeared it on thick. Running thick. Once run remains on one inside panel. Then I used some oak strips of moldings to create a drawer shelf that would allow a lid to sit within the box making it lay flush with the edges. I put two handles on the top to pull the lid off and out of the box. One single sex pistols pretty vacant decal in the middle of the inside bottom.

The Skull Box was built from scratch. The finish is a shit load of paint and poly layered over the other many times. The Skulls came from Skull a Day. The handle is steering wheel knob. See and read more here.

The Rock and Roll Box was the first box. I had made this box some time ago for the utility purpose of storing some of my fave tools. I began painting it one day and couldnt stop. It has a little bit of everything, old Taxi top sign, some of our best saved up stickers from bands, tons of poly and two boxes that sit within the box.

Read blog posts I made as I made each box: Toolbox blog posts, Punk Rock Life, more of the same plus some xtras on PRL, MF Tumblr search for box and toolbox, and I know i posted all over the place and will try to link up the rest later. Or just surf to one of the many sites we try to keep up with and search box or similar. Maybe you will find a blog post gem.

See the gallery of all three boxes together here.

I feel so happy right now. ☂


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