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PRL Archivial Updates

  • 8/18/17 – reinstalling a few MusicFilter love notes from the archives April 2003-August 2004, to
  • 8/12/17 – feeling low, low lowest. Deadzone. Yick Yuck. At least I’m awake. Going to do some musicfilter.com, punkrocklife.com, chronictea.com, chronictea.com/misschicky and especially some bolivercagass.com. Intend to make a flipbook, make some tacos, worry about little thugs breaking into houses, must lock up the ipads, laptops, etc.
  • 8/6/17 – I spent the entire day working on musicfilter.com. Found some backup photos on Jeff’s Cadillac Sony. Love his computer! Made a few tributes on Facebook, chronictea.com and on here. It was a inward day spent alone immersed in my BMF. Tonight I laid a “wreath” at punkrocklife.tumblr.com and I’m moving his interesting posts to this website. He had not posted on that tumblr since 2012. He had too many to keep up with and he let that one go, but 3.5 years was a pretty good run to go tumblr. Better technology came along to have fun with and there is never enough time. But I’m happy for all these archives and I just keep finding stuff. It’s amazing. Love and miss you baby.
  • 8/3/17 – I’m always forgetting to give an update, but I’ve been updating various area as the mood strikes. Working to remind me of us is my therapy and meditation. I love it when I’m into it. I had started to put a little pressure on myself to get MusicFilter to a better point for BMF’s birthday on August 5th. But I don’t want to push it. I just want to languish in it. There is enough intact there to keep any person busy if they want to get into it. If they want to know BMF better they will. I’ve been up at Perfectenschlag 2 for a few days and now back to the Punk Rock House. It’s been a cathartic few days. I miss him. Tonight I’ll putt the green, watch some BB19 and work on more Pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Alright goddammit.

  1. The Rock and Roll Box
  2. The Skull Box – started August 1, 2009 – and now we have a gathering of the process @ MusicFilter Skull Toolbox and a PRL Box Trilogy.
  3. The Coffin Box
  • 4/02/17  – Today is Cramps day.
  • 4/03/17 – What was going on in 2012? MusicFilter, Lotta Smooch tumblrs were waning. But Chronic Tea was prolific.