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In honor of BMF…



In honor of BMF… August 5, 1968 to April 24, 2016

Jammin Jeff Jackson, #57, the BMF of my world, died peacefully at his home on Sunday, April 24, 2016 @ 4:20 PM. Jeff was just 47 years old. He was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer on October 10, 2015. He always thought he would beat the bastard that overcame his strong body.

People who knew and loved Jeff knew he was a punk rock, rock and roll music expert. Jeff had personal relationships with many of the music makers he encountered in his short lifetime. He loved all of you and reveled in your music and it was a joy to share in his misadventures… you know who you are. ☠

Jeff was the hardest working person I’ve ever known. He loved his work and had great appreciation for his circumstances. He did not do anything half ass or half hearted.

He loved me with a vengeance in the 15 years we were together. He took care of me and treated me like a Queen every day. After that he loved his family, his friends, his cigarettes, his Makers Mark, making great food, hanging out in small music venues, his home, his media and technology, his music collections, his dogs and his first love, Motocross. His favorite motocross players were himself, Bob Hannah and Travis Pastrana.

Love is not enough,

Miss Chicky

Jammin’ Jeff Jackson #57

Punk Rock Life
is the greatest life of all.

Jeff added punkrocklife.com to his many other web creations on 9/8/2005 shortly after we bought our first house together. He was so excited to own his first home and make it his castle. Jeff and I lived a lot of life in a short time and this was just a small peek into our time in this “punk rock life”.

Jeff chronicled some of our days on punkrocklife.com between July 2006 and December 2011 while working on his other websites like musicfilter.com. We had a lot of fun coloring on our various domains over the years.

Jeff allowed a friend of a friend of a friend to host some of his websites and there came a time when this asshole caused those sites to crash and burn and data was lost! Thanks to the internet archive waybackmachine I was able to piece most of it back together. But alas not all could be recovered. The last post was just a flyby on August 21, 2013. The post before that was December 14, 2011. Jeff started a punk rock life tumblr in May 2009 and continued until October 2012.

Punk Rock Life still here
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We are still here.


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It Ain’t Van Halen Without David Lee Roth

You Rot Me



I just came across this tonight. 2/17/17 @ 1:45 AM

SWEAT LOAF  – you wanted me to see this tonight? I’m sorry I didn’t remember. I don’t know if I played it or not for you but I will listen to it over and over from here on.



I can’t  seem to split the song like I want so you MUSt listen to the WHOLE MF’n thing. Satan Satan Satan….

when i am old and laying or maybe sitting where ever i may be sitting or laying before i actually die I HOPE like hell i can remember this song and freak some dumb ass asshole out right before I die by reciting the beginning of the song out of the blue.   Posted || home

This song is entirely too poignant now, damn Satan!
“Well son, its better to regret something you have done…than to regret something you haven’t”
You were whispering it all along that you had no regrets.
You never got the chance to grow old did you baby?
You just went from 30 to 80 in a rapid fire unfair way.
I am truly heart broken that’s how it went for us.
Fuck Pancreatic Cancer, it is HELL.
♥He loved me and I loved him.♥
There is nothing in this life I want to, desire to, have to, or can do without you. Maybe some unhappy people out there will want to call it cheesy, say awwww, or just toss their cookies if they want…but you do make my life complete. And you are the best fucking doctor since that TV doctor I had a crush on in elementary school. You are the coolest baby and you treat me like a princess. I really can’t even think up enough words to express how much I love you and depend on you. And I don’t care anymore about being dependent on you. It feels good to me. It feels right to me. I feel safe. As long as I’m breathing and here in Hell I hope you will be right by my side because there is no doubt we belong together. And when it’s time to go on to the next place I hope we will be lucky enough to be together again there too. This ain’t the drugs talking either, it’s just the pure love I feel for you every minute of every day. Period without Edit. ~ punkarella ~ 5/17/2004