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BMF LOVED MISS CHICKY. Why did you have to go baby?



This song “The Man Comes Around” was written entirely by Johnny Cash not long before his death. It was one of Jeff’s most favorite songs and he had asked The Unsatisfied to cover it for his birthday party in 2010. They did a beautiful job.

You can run on for a long time but sooner or later God’s Gonna Cut You Down.


Johnny Cash To Do List 1969


A Pretty Vacant Cafe Interlude


Musica – Burn Baby Burn – Part Deux

Musica Burn Baby Burn Part Deux

Musica Burn Baby Burn Part Deux

Let us begin again.  I miss you baby! Come home! You look so sexy!

New York Dolls “Fishnets and Cigarettes”
The Toledo Show “Fishnets and Cigarettes”
Blue October “Razorblade”

BRMC “Howl”
Johnny Cash “The Mercy Seat”
Richard Burton “Thunder Child” [spoken word]

Minor Threat “Small Man, Big Mouth”
Public Enemy “911 is a Joke”

Slayer “South of Heaven”
Rage Against The Machine “Bullet in the Head”

Josh Todd “You Made Me” [Slamhound – Sugar] – Hints
Mother’s Finest “Satisfaction/Born to be Wild” [ordered]
Mother Love Bone “Crown of Thorns”
Nirvana “Dive”
BMF Hidden Track