Punk Rock Life

If you want to live life on your own terms you gotta be willing to crash and burn.

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BMF LOVED MISS CHICKY. Why did you have to go baby?



This song “The Man Comes Around” was written entirely by Johnny Cash not long before his death. It was one of Jeff’s most favorite songs and he had asked The Unsatisfied to cover it for his birthday party in 2010. They did a beautiful job.

You can run on for a long time but sooner or later God’s Gonna Cut You Down.


A Saturday at the Punk Rock House


Tweaking the Unsatisfied and watching for potential riots in Bawston, wishing they wouldn’t fuck up the landscape and statuary, wondering what Trump is up to, about to fix some hamburger soup, sitting at a level 9.73 and just started watching “Fight Club” with a side of Big Brother 19(which stinks now Cody is gone).

And this:

The Unsatisfied have a new album. Street Shaman. Just going to lay it here for a few.

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Punk Rock Life without BMF!


All I want to do is sleep. I just fall asleep for no reason. My sense of belonging is flat line.

If I should die tonight and the reason remains unknown, tell not the whole world, but the one I love that I died of a broken heart, not because he loved me too little but because I loved him too much. ~unknown~

Thanks Natasha Terry – this helps! Not bi-polar but the pain from this broken heart feels the same. I just have to be patient and take this one day at a time. Hang on. The hole is deep!

“Fell in a Hole” by The Unsatisfied, performed at BMF Epic Birthday Party, August 2010

Happy Birthday to BMF. You are now eternally young. Hey Ho Let’s Go!


In celebration of Jeff’s birthday I am sharing some of the Dew and Fresca Revue aka The Coke Bandits, a little rock band formed back in 2008 by MusicFilter. Every song performed was a cover song. 🙂 The album jumps off with a very special and long lost cover(just found today!)of the famous Ramones song, Blitzkrieg Bop which was performed by the band over 1000 times. However this one features Fanta Orange on vocals, a Tennessee shaman who often jammed with the band. I think you will find it amazing. The next three songs are from Jeff’s 2008 MusicFilter podcast show where he reviewed album songs. And the finale Orange Socks is an obscure weird song we found on Napster many years ago when the Internet was still fresh and underground! It represents the true punk BMF I love! So on with the show. Enjoy!

BMF gave me a 000017 today for his birthday. August 5, 2017


I have this wonderful string of August days that include some of my most beloved people’s birthdays. My mother on August 4th, my Shelby on August 7th and most of all my BMF today on August 5th.  He would have been a certain age but now he is ageless. When we were first together he didn’t feel his birthday was such a big day. He would say oh it’s just another day. I said that is ridiculous. Your birthday is the greatest day of your year! And from that first birthday we spent together we would celebrate and make his birthday a big deal every year. Sometimes it was just simple with a bottle of absinthe, crazy loud music and a deck of cards, sometimes a small party with family and cake coring, trips to see the Sex Pistols and Van Halen but in 2010 BMF had the biggest most epic punker birthday ever to happen as far as he was concerned. We thrived on it for a long time. He was in love with it!  We were going to try and top it, but we never did.

Now he’s gone and I’m alone on his special day. I plan to celebrate him quietly with marathon work on MusicFilter. He would have liked it. I started tonight to refresh and restore his box trilogy posts at MusicFilter. Those boxes represent so many things that were going on with BMF at the time in 2009. He built them with his hands and he enjoyed it and was so proud of the result. He was really very happy creating them while listening to his music, smoking cigarettes and sipping bourbon all night. When he finished his punk rock shed he placed the trilogy so he could always see them, open them and enjoy them. Now his remains rest inside one along with his special favorite items and photos and I can see and touch and love them. These are priceless artifacts and a reminder of this man I loved so much.

And then he rewards me with his signs. (more…)

Perfectenschlag Flashback


Big Brother 19 starts tonight.


Yes it’s cheesy. But very entertaining. We obsessed on this show every year for over 10 years. OK maybe its been mostly me, but BMF always played along. Last year this BB ritual helped to take me away from the awful drag of losing my true love. Time goes by fast.

So here we go again.

Here’s Julie Chen!

The summer of temptation.

One more thing. Don’t smoke.






In spite of Johnny Rotten…