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BMF catches up with Pretty Vacant @ Yacht Club


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Pretty Vacant

Pretty Vacant

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Now defunct, Pretty Vacant were an awesome Sex Pistols cover band with ROB on vocals making it real.
Update: I just met Steve Mack at the Yacht Club who played in Pretty Vacant and Julius Pleaser as well. Even though I was fairly wasted and can’t remember every single detail of our conversation I do remember enough to know we had a very good conversation about music in general and am looking forward to having more conversations like that one in the future. Very cool guys. Stay tuned to MusicFilter for updates on future projects of both Rob and Steve.

View photos of their last show here. If anyone from the band is checking out this page e-mail me with any other info you would like to see included on this page.

~mc updated this post at MusicFilter on 6/11/2017.
Miss and love you BMF.
Check BMF’s 2003 review of Pretty Vacant.

And don’t forget to feel the vulva:


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