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Big Brother 19 starts tonight.


Yes it’s cheesy. But very entertaining. We obsessed on this show every year for over 10 years. OK maybe its been mostly me, but BMF always played along. Last year this BB ritual helped to take me away from the awful drag of losing my true love. Time goes by fast.

So here we go again.

Here’s Julie Chen!

The summer of temptation.

One more thing. Don’t smoke.





16 Houseguests – part 1:

  1. Image result for big brother 19Christmas – body builder girl. Cute. Invoke. First girl Nascar pit member!
  2. Image result for big brother 19Whistlenut aka Jason?, a rodeo clown. I saw his interview earlier. No.
  3. Alex – female. Future floater that will irritate everyone.
  4. Image result for big brother 19Kevin – older gangster guy. Kinda looks like Rod Stewart. 6 daughters, 1 son.
  5. Image result for big brother 19Dominque – AA girl. Looks like all AA pretty girls. Jesus.
  6. Image result for big brother 19Mark – personal trainer. He has the muscles. Plays chess. He’s blah.
  7. Image result for big brother 19Elena – radio personality. I saw her interview too. No. Very fakey looking.
  8. Image result for big brother 19Ramses – admitted gay nerd. AA male. Superfan of BB. He’ll last a while.

My favorite so far: KEVIN!

Hello houseguests! Say goodbye for the next three months!

Alex, Mark, Ramses, Elena – first in.

Jason, Dominque, Kevin, Christmas – get in there!

Elena loves Mark already, but Mark loves Christmas already. She says she wants to eat a soul.

Omg Kevin. Like Dick Van Dyke.

Most boring so far: Dominque

The second 8 – part 2. I saw Jessica’s interview with Jeff. She’s a tart. We’ll worry about that later.

  1. Image result for big brother 19Cody – Marine, Air Force, handsome. I saw his interview earlier. He is intense. He has a little girl.
  2. Raven – dancer, paranormal weirdo. I saw her interview earlier. No.
  3. Image result for big brother 19Josh Martinez – ah the Latino with red shoes. Cocky, cocky, cocky. Loves mom.
  4. Image result for big brother 19Megan – dogwalker – ugly hair. Looks like she belongs in Pine Lake.
  5. Image result for big brother 19Cameron – athletic nerd.
  6. Image result for big brother 19Jessica – a VIP concierge aka stripper. She will be the boy’s desire.
  7. Image result for big brother 19Matt – renovation consultant.
  8. Image result for big brother 19Jillian – not sure what she does,  but I hate her mouth. Floater potential.

(All the photos are courtesy of Big Brother Network – check it out!)

Favorite so far is still Kevin. But I like Cody, Josh and even Jessica.

Second eight into the BB house!

Christmas is lusting over Matt. Cameron has to go. Raven is so cute but irritating.

Cody loves Jessica. Josh loves Jessica.

Ageism is not cool people. Cause you will all get old one day. Don’t forget that.

Jessica loves Cody. Matt loves Jessica. Raven – no. Megan, PINE LAKE QUEEN.

Most boring so far: Dominque

Oh man, Dominque loves Matt.

Julie is back. It will be the summer of temptation! Josh is tempted by everything.

Who can use $25,000? But be warned, if you take it, the first twist of the game will be released.

Ha! Kevin! Yes! The first twist will be released!

Dominque looks like a demon.


Cody is intense.

HA! Kevin has no idea about Paul.

Yes ugly girls, get Paul out.

Houseguests! Someone will be ejected tonight! They must tempt Paul. This is good.

Paul gets to give out 8 friendship bracelets.


Raven: Cindy Loo Hoo. LOL!
x- Elena: She wins him over with cheese.
Dominque: Keep your voice down.
Cody: He does not like Paul. His silence is great.
Mark: No
Whistlenut: No
Christmas: Egads no.
x – Josh: He’s suddenly becoming my favorite.

Paul picks: Kevin, Raven, Dominque, Mark, Whistlenut, Jessica, Ramses, Elena

The rest now hate him.

Time for battle. TEMPTED BY THE FRUIT. I think Alex or Jillian will be going home.

Um. Maybe Megan. Pine Lake.

Hmmm…I may have misjudged Alex. She just told Cody to eat do.

Cody wins! Safe: Cody, Alex, Matt, Josh, Megan.

Josh is Michael. lol.

Poisoned! Christmas, Cameron and Jillian.

Bye bye Jillian.

nope …. it’s Cameron the Super Fan. Oh no. Don’t cry. Cameron is out!


From May 2009 to September 2009 we kept a BB blog for season 11, but we got bored with it.

The Big Brother 11 Tumblelog! The season of Jeff and Jordan. Naturally other stuff was happening.




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