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Big Brother 19 Live @ 4:20 PM on a Friday before the MF 4th of July!


FISH? No. Kittens. Ugh.

They are playing for the veto. Paul won the Temptation. He has 3 weeks of immunity. Alex won the veto. Wow.

I love the house décor this year!

Matthew has a major word tattoo on his arm. Pile on Jason. Jessica is a predictable diva. This 9 person alliance is way too large and Paul is working it. This chick Elena is a player!

Cody looks and acts like Wes Hightower in “Urban Cowboy”. Scary.

URBAN COWBOY, Scott Glenn, 1980


Cody – HOH – Jarhead








Most fake player: Jessica
Most annoying best player: Paul
Most honest player: Jason
Most weird player: Whistle
Most buff player with belly flab: Mark
Most buff player without belly flab: Christmas
Most scary mean player: Cody

Jessica and Cody will never last.

Most fake laugh player: Jessica
Most eager to take control player: Matthew
Most spooky player: Raven
Most over- playing player: Dominque

OMG. Kevin just looked at the camera and kissed his wedding ring.

Jessica is really working Cody over with her mind control, but he’s not backing down. Cody, don’t be a pussy! When a girl gives a contrite, “cool” she’s playing the pouting game! Jessica is so spoiled. Cody, get up right now and go downstairs!

Raven and Jessica are the girls you need to hate.

It’s 9:09 PM, washed all the dishes and had fontina flat bread for dinner. All the dogs are resting and now they are talking about cats on BB19.

Ugh Raven.

Good Cody, stay tough.

Kevin is just listening to all the bull crap of these girls. LOL!

Ramses reminds me of Urkle.

Cody is sitting there just waiting to throw people off the bull.

10:06 PM Jessica pulling out all the stops.

Elena cannot stop looking at herself. Ugh Cody.

If Josh says, “I’m just a fucking human” one more time…

Kevin is getting restless, he’s bored, Alex is trying to teach him some game. Kevin says Paul is the life of the house. Kevin ask Alex if she is a member of an Asian gang in California. Alex banters with Kevin.

Ok now it’s Taliban talk from Cody and he feels like Mr. Magoo. He admits he was a pig in the military. He saw his friend shot in the head by the Afghan National Army. Cody says America can never leave Afghanistan. This is the first time Cody has seemed happy, telling his war stories to Matthew.

Jessica is not interested in Cody’s military stories. PSTD. Jessica is bored. She has to cut and run. He is too intense for her.



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