Punk Rock Life

Big Brother 19 I’m a Cowboy


It’s Saturday @ the BB House!

Kevin. Punk Rock Life favorite.

Day 11.

Kevin starts the day out with a tribute to Bon Jovi! “I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I’m wanted…” (then he was cut off) Kevin is in wonderment over everything Big Brother. He’s happy everything outside is freshly cleaned.

GAME of THRONES Marathon!

  • 4:36 PM – Cody and Jessica finally had a decent conversation. Cody played football in high school and he volunteered for the Marines when he was 18 years old. Jessica played softball for five years. Right now right this minute I like Cody.

Most self centered player: Dominique. Ugh.

Most fake player: Raven
Most obsessive player: Elena
Most likely lesbian player: Xmas
Most annoying player: Josh
Most biased player: Cody

Paul is Armenian and he gives a great lesson in Armenian history including a discussion about System of a Down(love long time!) While Paul has a broad spectrum of knowledge, he over-explains how he got rooked out of last year’s win and his ego is exploding.

Josh and Paul

Paul is pretty irritating which is why he lost last year!

Eleana, you are NOT Paul’s type.
Josh is getting better. He’s self-evolving. Still full of excuses. But doubtful he will stay.
Kevin: “I’m winning this mfer.” Please let Kevin win.
Paul: “Smoke a joint, go drink some coffee, it’s all fine.”
Cody may kill Paul soon.

Eleana and Jessica are pretty girls but putrid vulgar. Not the cursing but their obsession with “dick and butt holes”. It’s not cute, not cute at all.


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