Punk Rock Life

Happy Birthday to BMF. You are now eternally young. Hey Ho Let’s Go!


In celebration of Jeff’s birthday I am sharing some of the Dew and Fresca Revue aka The Coke Bandits, a little rock band formed back in 2008 by MusicFilter. Every song performed was a cover song. 🙂 The album jumps off with a very special and long lost cover(just found today!)of the famous Ramones song, Blitzkrieg Bop which was performed by the band over 1000 times. However this one features Fanta Orange on vocals, a Tennessee shaman who often jammed with the band. I think you will find it amazing. The next three songs are from Jeff’s 2008 MusicFilter podcast show where he reviewed album songs. And the finale Orange Socks is an obscure weird song we found on Napster many years ago when the Internet was still fresh and underground! It represents the true punk BMF I love! So on with the show. Enjoy!