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If you are like us you must be tired of run of the mill music being churned out by soulless record labels. Do you miss music that defies classification, that’s original and sounds incredible not only on first listen but gets better every time you hear it? Finally something is about to arrive that will meet and exceed all of your expectations for GREAT ROCK AND ROLL. This album is destined to become a classic and fuck all who say otherwise.

Die Hunns will be releasing “You Rot Me” on September 26th. Mark this date on your calender and be at your record store door as soon as it opens. “You Rot Me” is the second release featuring Corey Parks on bass guitar and the first release where Corey lets us hear her voice on more than just a few lines. You can listen to Corey sing on “Time Has Come Today” on the last Hunns disc “Long Legs” for just a small taste of what you will hear on the new album. Those of you who only knew Corey as the fire breathing bass player will be very surprised to hear what a great voice she has to offer. It’s obvious Duane has coaxed Corey’s out of her shell when it comes to singing. She even takes lead vocals on two tracks. But it’s her sultry voice combined with Duane’s rough snarl that makes for a perfect compliment on the duo tracks like “Ain’t It A Shame”.

A review of “You Rot Me” was posted on our companion site MusicFilter the same day we received the advance copy from Duane’s record label. We thought it was damn good on first listen, but this album has now become one of our all time favorites. We have been listening to this disc every day for the last couple of weeks and we think it deserves more applause and great attention. “You Rot Me” is not only the best disc we have heard in some time, it’s one of the best to come out in years. Every single track is good… no, not just good, exceptional. Corey’s voice is amazing. Duane is amazing as always and the band sounds incredible. Every note, every word, every chorus, every verse, every guitar line, every bass line…you get the idea…it all comes together as one complete piece of music history.

The fifth track ” Rock and Roll Boulevard” will be called the Hunns masterpiece. Beginning with the line “you’re like a bug in a jar” the song trails into an amazing guitar solo that sounds a lot like surf music, kinda Link Wray meets Vincent Price meets Satan’s house band guitar player. Then Duane begins singing about “the difference between you and me”…the lyrics are literally cool basically explaining the difference between Duane’s attitude and most people in the world. My favorite line today is “I’m here to fight…you’re here to cry”…

“Ain’t It A Shame” is another favorite…it’s really hard to choose a favorite on this CD, but this song is a great example of how well Corey and Duane’s voice fit perfectly together. This song defies classification and is simply a wonderful song to listen to.

“You Rot Me” is a great war song definitely influenced by the sound of The Clash. This song is a great example of the way the Hunns pay homage to their influences by using them to create their own original sound.

“On My Mind” features Corey on vocals and has some very heartfelt words. Great song and great arrangement.

This album has the songwriting, vocals and playing you want if you LOVE Rock and Roll. Every single song on it will make you believe that real Rock and Roll is out there once again.

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