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On day 641 a friend found this little untouched vignette you left behind in the little house you built. She did not know you but she knew not to disturb it. A little BMF shrine. Thank you for the jolt baby. #earl #57 #bmf4ever #fuckcancer ❤💀❤ You are all over me baby! 💋❤💔💋💀💋❤💔 (Earl is his Dad)

8. receiving a symbolic message, sign, coincidence or synchronicity

Your deceased loved ones are often very eager to let you know they are part of your life and with you when you least expect it. While many people can feel their deceased loved ones watching over them, sometimes, it’s hard to be that perceptive, or to be that sure that what we felt was really what we thought it was. So, those in Spirit will provide us with signs that we cannot ignore.

Once you receive this type of sign, time and time again, you will know this is a message from the Other Side – and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! The signs can and will come to you in a variety of ways, and the key is keep your eye open for synchronicities and anything out of the ordinary.

Wondering where and what to look for?

  • Small coins and feathers are common and fun signs from our loved ones in Spirit!
    Small Objects: Feathers, Coins, and Stones.
    Spirit likes to place things in our path that were significant to them (or significant to us), over and over again. My father collected stones, and will often place new stones in the path of myself, my mother, and my sister when he visits. However, others see feathers, coins, and other small objects usually in their path.
  • Animals: Spirits use energy to be with us, and often, it is through the energy of animal world – such as a butterfly, bird, ladybug, dragonfly, or other creature – for a very short amount of time. If an animal does something usual – like land in front of or on you, stare at you through a window, or call in your path, this could be a sign. A common sign from those of the Other Side, are usually animals that are colorful (the more colorful something is – the more noticeable it is to you). Keep an eye out for bluebirds, jays, and cardinals.
  • Flowers: Spirits can send us flowers in unexpected ways. If you receive a flower sign, it could be in the form of an unexpected bouquet or gift, or a flower that is blooming out of season.
  • People: Your loved ones on the Other Side can and will use people to give you messages, and generally, the person delivering the message is not aware of it. Listen to those around you, the words they are speaking may be a direct message from the Spirit world to you! Also, those in Spirit may send meaningful people in your direction such as teachers, life partners, and new best friends.

Yes, I always said my mom sent Jeff to get me past her death.

………..more signs.

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