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True Love is a BIG Deal.

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An Update from BMF. Spread the word.


 Higher Than You!

“I just left Sears and they don’t have jack shit.”


Update – Goddamn I haven’t drank that much coffee in a long time.

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The Box Trilogy



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Some details of the boxes. I found the little anarchy box inside the coffin box sitting on the anarchy shelf.

Cheers to BMF! It’s his birthday! August 5, 2009!


Punk Art Limoge by BMF


[Toolbox Project v5.7 @ Punk Rock Life]

Punk Rock Life presents Pretty Vacant Cafe Designs

Punk Rock Life presents Pretty Vacant Cafe Designs

The Toolbox Project v5.7


Punk Rock Life

is the greatest life of all

The Toolbox Project v5.7

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Toolbox Project V5.7


Punk Rock Life

is the greatest life of all.

The Toolbox Project

I made this toolbox about a year ago cause I wanted to make something. I got started by planning to paint the lid candy apple red cause I found a can of  it at the old punk rock house the other day and wanted to paint something with it. So it started there and progressed into a obsessive but fun as hell project. I made two levels inside with a sliding shelf above the second level. I attached MusicFilter.com buttons, used a guitar sticker as a tempate over the lid, did a fuax graffiti finish on the underside of the lid and the side handles, put thick coats of poly on all panels, reinforced the box with countersunk wood screws, put putty over screw holes and sanded down, did a blend job with the red over the ends where the screws went, embedded a Unknown Hinson sticker on the front panel and then put more polyurethane on the exterior heavily. Now it is drying to put back together later today.

Update 5/15/09 / The finishes were put on so thick the box is not 100% dry even at 11 pm tonight. But it was dry enough for me to put most of the finishing touches on it. I embedded some guitar picks, put a hammered finish on the locking mechanism and the hinges. As I assembled it all back I was ready to take some photos. I took the first ones of the outside of the box and when I began to open the lid I knew right away I had forgotten to consider how the lid would stay open without swinging back and breaking off. First I just put some hooks back in the place I had them before only then to realized they would block the 2nd shelf taking it out and putting it back in. So I screwed a hook under the support brace for the 2nd shelf and tested it. It worked but I then gleaned a pocket watch hanging on the wall with a fairly long chain. The chain was about 1/4 of an inch too short so I began a hunt for a link of some sort and of course looked for what seemed like an hour with no luck. I finally came across a key ring which was perfect. But then the key ring caused interference with the second shelf. Fuck it for now. I’ll come up with a better idea later. The box is done and for all the damn time I spent on it I’m glad I like it. Not bad for scrap pine I found at Home Depot for $1 a board.

If I can get the video to post you can also see my other toolboxes. The pretty one on the left is one MC gave me. It is the caddy of the boxes. The one on the right is one I found on clearance at Home Depot that was once  promo for some tool company. Lots of cool storage compartments and very portable. It is the traveler. And of course the one in the middle is the workhorse. The one where things get tossed or more likely thrown in.

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Rotten Speech


Rottens Speech
Posted in this punk rock life on June 28th, 2008
You must see/hear this video. Every time I hear/see this it makes me feel happy.

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Yes this is a pop up book.