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True Romance…baby you’re so cool. 💗💋💗💘


True Romance soundtrack gets deluxe vinyl box set release for 25th anniversary. Quentin Tarantino cult classic coming to vinyl for the first time. GOT MINE!

Photo by COS

Despite the soundtrack’s notoriety, this will mark its first legit release on vinyl (there was a South Korean release of “dubious origin”), and they went all out with the presentation. The deluxe package comes in either Clarence-inspired “king gold” vinyl (limited to 297 copies), Alabama-inspired clear with aqua and pink splatter vinyl (limited to 686), or white blood splatter vinyl (limited to 2,000).

Our True Romance Story

Other than the violence and mob mayhem this movie has elements to describe what our true romance felt like…two lonely and unlikely people winding up together, compassion, adventures, Elvis, phone booth sex :). BMF loved Pulp Fiction (BMF!) and from there discovered everything Quentin Tarantino to include True Romance. He calls me up one day and tells me drop what you are doing and go find this movie and watch it. So of course I did. (more…)