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Some Thought About Our Life


My life with you, our life together has been and is the best thing ever. Full of true love. That true love has brought us so many great things we have experienced and have yet to experience the many things our love brings to our life. I believe our life is unique compared to others and other lives because of that true love we share. I love you more than anything thing in this world, literally. We have both been through many changes in out lives already trying to reach the stage in life we are in now. We have love, we have the things we both want, we have everything I can think of. Now, that being said I am sure when I say that at this stage in our life a change is needed. Our minds have become trained to doing one thing one way because for one, we do that thing well, two, we have enjoyed it, and three, it has helped us both to live in this monetary world we live in. SO ——

Some random thoughts and ramblings:

There is nothing worse than doing something you don’t like or don’t want to do. I know this from experience and I think you have had this feeling a little bit for some time but recently it has really bore down on you. We cannot continue with this. Our options are limitless as far as I am concerned. All options are possible. All options are achievable. All options will change our life in one way or another. Part of the equation is being able to sort thoughts and formulate these options into realities. This can be a discouraging thing when we are constantly busy doing the things we really don’t want to do but do as part of our trained minds tell us to do….work, work, work, work, work. After a normal days work it is sometimes hard to come up with fresh feelings for something new from simple tiredness of the current job. I know what we must do but it is harder to do when you are currently busy as all fuck. But, I promise you that we will get over that hump and come up with a plan that we will take action on. I know sometimes you feel like I am uninterested in plans you have talked about in the past but I assure you this is not true, though my actions probably made you feel this way to some degree. Every single thing you have talked to me about the possibility of doing I have heard, soaked in, agreed with and felt it was a good idea. My problem I would guess, is that I couldn’t get over the hump of stopping what I was already doing. Thanks to you, I have done well in what I have done and am doing now and that fact made it hard for me to think about stopping it for something else that may or may not work as well as what I have been doing and am doing. Blah blah but my point is that I now feel the same as you do in what we are doing. I know before I harped on the fact that if this hadn’t happened things would be smoother and easier than now but the reality is that if you aren’t happy with what you are doing than that is enough for me to make a change in our life. We both know what we are made of. We both know what we are capable of. We both know we can do anything we choose to do. So, what do we choose to do?……..I will list out some idea’s:

The Pretty Vacant Caffe: This is definitively one of our best ideas. Simple cool coffee shop with a limited but tremendously awesome menu of food that could be done organically or otherwise and be good. With the atmosphere being all the things we like and have already in our possession. Music playing constantly that is great in each song, guests being able to put their ipod playlists on our system (after our ‘cool’ approval of the content of course) with comfy seating. A place a person would look forward to being able to come to just to see us. We would and could be the main attraction. You have lost the feeling of socialization partly I know because we enjoy our social circle of US. I am the same way. But if we both broke out of that mode and got ourselves in the mix of others it would be good for us and it would create a legendary story that people would want to gravitate to. More on this later. We could have a base menu of 2 or 3 simple things and other things that change daily or weekly as a special. Our ’special’ would really be a special not just something we were trying to get rid of or cheaply made. Our special could be an expensive but well worth the price type of thing. IE: Veggie soup made our way, blackened chicken quesadillas, braised short ribs with fire roasted tomato sauce, this list could go on forever. Doing this idea of the Caffe would force and allow me to get back into a creative mode that I have lost in sense just from not flexing that part of my brain for a long time. All these things would and could create a situation for us that would allow us to live well, have fun doing what we do and help heal some sadness within our souls easily over time of doing it. (side note: what domain do we have for prettyvacantcaffe?)

So we know the idea is a killer, but how do we make it happen? A location would be the first step. Little Five, Downtown, a suburb, where would this idea fly? I would say a place like East Atlanta but East Atlanta is going down right now. Little Five would be optimal but could we afford the rent there? The customers at a suburb would depress the whole idea. We want to be able to draw a crowd that drives us. Eclectic and open. We must investigate this physically. Wow a lot of words and I am not even close to be done with the thoughts in my head. More later I must break from typing.


I’m sure my typing above may require some editing as I just typing as it comes to my brain without reading it back.

Another idea:
Claims and Collections:

You know what, I was prepared to write book on our thoughts and ideas and I may still do it just for archivial purposes but the bottom line is this: are we willing to go down before we go back up? I am willing to do it. I think you are to. We must grip this thought as a reality and just go forth smartly. I feel like our life is up and will always be up in many degrees’, the only missing link is working the way we want to work and that part may require going down before going up. Life is short baby. I am sorry if I have overly repeated things we arelady have discussed, but I am trying to work it out in my own brain. I am the staller. But I am done with that. Help me help us.

Not A Table BBQ Sauce


This is an old recipe I helped to create. It is designed to carmalized when it gets a dose of high heat. It is very vinegar-y when eaten cold. Best used on a chargrill and added to meat just before it is done. The best way is to actually dip whatever meat you are cooking into it and then laying on a hot grill for about 30 seconds each side. You will be able to see it carmalize right before your eyes and your nose will tell you when it is done as well.

3.5 Qts of White Vinegar
6.24 lbs. of Medium Brown Sugar. ( Don’t use light or dark)

Mix this together with wisk till well blended.

1.5 – #10 Cans (large) of Heinz Ketchup
.25 lb. Curry Powder
1.5 ounces of Crushed Red Pepper flakes

Mix everything together well and bring to a boil in a large pot. This will clear any sinus problems you may have once this boils. After it is boiling simmer for 40 minutes.

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