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Punk Rock Life presents Our Life in Early Emoji


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Dave’s Truck


After Jeff’s dad died in 2006 he inherited his little Chevrolet S-10. Jeff had the truck shipped from Kansas to Atlanta. I’ll never forget the day it arrived because it made Jeff  super happy. It was not long before he had his friend Tracy change it from dull red to a beautiful metallic burnt orange and black. There were things he would never change such as the Kansas City Chiefs decal on the back window and the front license plate that stated the truck did indeed belong to Dave. Jeff would soon put a badass skull on the hood and the truck became known as the “Death Ride”. Jeff replaced the transmission in the truck at least 3 times before he finally replaced it in 2011 with a new truck. I really wish we had kept it. But Jeff’s new truck still proudly displays the “Dave” tag on the front and a Kansas City Chiefs decal on the rear window. Just needs a skull.

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David E. Jackson 1935-2006


On September 10, 2006 we lost Jeff’s dad.

*postscript – In 2002 Jeff wrote a story about he and his dad in an effort to purge some bad past feelings they had between them. The story would prove to be the relationship healer he and Dave would need to move forward in life. Jeff delivered the story to his Dad personally and love and peace prevailed from that time forward. The story was read at Dave’s funeral in 2006 and at Jeff’s memorial in 2016.  May both REST IN PEACE together. -mc*

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