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Joshua Bradford at the Star Bar


Living On A Prayer by a former Revolting Cock http://www.punkrocklife.com/images/061202_6.jpg

Joshua Bradford of Simple Shelter , formerly with the Revolting Cocks, turned out to be one hell of a cool person on Saturday night. When asked by our BMF host if he would serenade JCY with a Happy Birthday song from the stage and with any other song that resembled a Bon Jovi song(HER favorite band, not OURS), Joshua surprised us and sang “Living On A Prayer” to JCY. Joshua also presented her with one of his cds, “A Phoenix From The Ashes”. Needless to say this was JCY’s very favorite part of the night! However no word yet if Joshua has taken over where Jon Bon Jovi leaves off.

There was also a burlesque act at Star Bar that night but I don’t remember them. I guess I was too busy trying to talk the talk with a wanna be gangster type. Obviously he wasn’t interested in talking to too many vanilla faces! And it really bothered me…

NOT! borat was not invited