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Big Brother 19 Live Feed turns itself on!


Ok I’m going to spoil you.



The houseguests have been in the house for nine days. During this time Kevin took a $25,000 secret temptation, this caused Paul from BB18 to return and Cameron the superfan was the first voted out.

Cody the Deer Hunter won the first HOH and he nominated Jillian and Megan cause he just doesn’t like them. But his real plan is to backdoor Paul.

Megan obviously pissed some people off before we ever got to this point. This explains Josh the momma boy’s weird reaction to her.



I fell asleep right after the live feed started but woke up early to catch a few things. Lots of pairs. Kevin has no idea who is who on Big Brother. According to Alex there were racial slurs being tossed around and she ended up on the block after Megan either got booted or tossed herself out.

Josh is a grump hootenanny. I hope Jillian and Alex are voted out soon. I love Christmas. Paul is cheesy dull and boring. The Whistle Dick rodeo clown is in character.

Cody and Jessica, the beautiful people have already paired up. Cody seems a little less ax murderer. Dominque is _________. Mark and Elena have also paired. Elena is going to eat him alive.

Ramses is irritating. Raven is irritating.

It appears the bulk of the players are turning against Josh. Paul is the ringleader. Josh needs to stop jostling his junk around. Poor Josh. He’s lonely. He’s misunderstood. He wants America to know his story. He is the man of 1000 excuses. I think he’s just being himself and the rest of the people are shallow pieces of humankind. But he is kinda self absorbed.

This is so much better than Trump, CNN and mass terrorism.


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