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Listening Exercises: Father John Misty


Father John Misty
I Love You Honeybear

Listening Exercises

– 1 cold day in February
– 1 itchy eye
– 1 28 hour toddler hangover ( I love you Honeybear!)
– 1 ocean of coffee
– 1 two week old looming dread aka end of the year regulatory report (year 7)
– 1 gleeful and overdue calling out of a newbie neighbor on a vindictive rampage
– 1 ride around the hood to determine what bugs us this time
– 1 thrilling shiver of joy to be here in this great spot on earth

Father JM: The world is crazy. Our appetites and needs and fears are all crazy. Hopefully you have someone on your side who realizes the same thing.

In the meantime my legs went wonky and I just learned some guy in Europe at the MX GP got lapped. Thanks Jeff for sharing the record club today … I love you Honeybear!

2/28/17 – reposted from Facebook, how things can change in just two years time-MC 🙁

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