Punk Rock Life

Found a BMF burn today.


Found a whole big container filled up with hundreds of Jeff’s cd burns. I shall have to go thru every single one, should take just about 10 years. I found a video of us from 2008 learning the proper way to drink absinthe. Real absinthe, the illegal kind before they legalized it. It was so wonderful to see him again with his perfect high spirit and pure true love ways. I can’t wait to watch it again.

He burned the following 22 songs, not positive when as the date is fucked up @ 12/31/1994. That is of course not right. There are no names on the 22 songs. I’ll have to listen to each and every one, but I already know it will be filled up with all the right songs to remind me of him tonight … along with another random movie pick called, Rabbit Hole. The part with the dog…crushes me with familiarity. His spirit is shining hard tonight. “You carry it around, always, like a brick in your pocket, it never goes away.” (more…)