Punk Rock Life

Pretty Vacant Cafe (BMF is soooooooo)


The Menu

Here are some solid idea’s for our future menu in our little cafe/consignment store/rock and roll hangout joint.
* = On Menu
$= Will make money
#= Idea beginning

Smoked Chicken Salad*/$
Smoked Chicken Pico Veggie Soup*/#/$
Crazy but fun and probably best sellers:
The Baconcado / California Avacodo pitted and stuffed with chopped bacon and goat cheese, re-assembled, wrapped in bacon and deep fried. For low fat version we will bake it. */$/
Tempura Bacon / Bacon dredged in tempura batter, sprinkled with panko bread crumbs and deep fried. No low fat version. $/*
Avacodo Sandwich / Just like you like it / #/*/$
Clam Chowder

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