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Sunday Grill


Cooked the pork butt today. Put it on a cold smoke around 150-180 for an hour. Next time I will smoke another hour. Put the butt into a foil pan with holes in the bottom. That pan went into a larger foil pan with some water and pork rub. Covered it all with foil tight and put back in on indirect heat (used divider for first time today). Brought temp to 300 – 325 for about 2 hours maybe a little more ( i still refuse timers even though I bought a thermeter today that I only used at the end of the cook to justify my mental ability to know when something is done). Pulled butt and rested for 15 minutes. Bone came right out and I knew it was money. Pulled perfectly into juicy tender pork. Added Budwieser sauce to half and re-covered for later consumption.


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