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The Konks – Revisited


Go Ahead Punk…

A few days ago myself and my favorite people got together to start a band, go on tour and rock out……..on one of my favorite X-mas gifts “Rock Star”. We cranked up the PS3 and began our tour as the “Ragdolls”. We played for a few hours, took a break in our makeshift green room (the kitchen) and went on to play a few more gigs. As we played a random setlist, the song “29 Fingers by The Konks” came up. As we were rockin it out our groupie exclaimed “this song is awesome” and we all agreed. I was thinking to myself at the time that I knew of the band The Konks and the thought quickly passed through my rock and roll addled brain. End.

Today as I resurrected MusicFilter back to its awesomeness with a full upgrade to the newest version which last night wasn’t too awesome, I was going through all my links and came across “The Konks” link which needed to be repaired. I went to the page and glanced over it and realized that on March 14th, 2005 I had done a review of their cd which was sent to me by Bomp! Records around that time to review.

Read the review right here. It is so cool when we find great music right in our awesome library of music. I turned the Musica on and the entire cd was on there, including the awesome “Rock Star” song by The Konks “29 Fingers”.

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